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Our attention to nutrition, after many years spent introducing into the body products that had very little natural, is returning more careful and meticulous. We ate for a long time foods that, in order to be aesthetically perfect, always available to us at any time of the year and always in large quantities, had to be covered and filled during their cultivation, with a large number of chemicals, which were intended to protect them from external agents, make them grow numerous and beautiful to the eye, in any condition and climate. This superficiality of ours in the choice of food products that ended up on our tables was paid for in health and taste, only to promote a comfort that has nothing natural. In recent years, however, we have begun to recognize our mistakes, returning to a healthier diet. A decision that necessarily passes through a more conscious and careful choice of products. We have started to inform ourselves again about what we buy, which will then be used to prepare dishes and will later end up in our bodies. We are starting again to make more conscious purchases from deserving workers, certain that on health, which necessarily passes through nutrition, we can not joke. We have finally understood that it is time to return to a healthy and natural diet. Strengthened by this conviction, our farm in Arzachena for over 30 years has been carrying out its work with seriousness and passion, convinced that the cultivation of the land is a vast and complex field, composed of countless different details, which requires constant and precise actions. However, it remains a wonderful reality that amazes for the variety of products it can offer to man, in the form of precious gifts full of flavor. It is enough to work the land with respect and patience, to relate to animals with love and attention, to be able to discover that taste and happiness are within our reach. The pride of seeing a plant that has been cured for a long time bear fruit, seeing an animal grow through the healthy and natural diet that is offered to it and the joy of being able to offer it to its customers, so that they too can enjoy it at the table, are satisfactions that are priceless. Because only from top quality ingredients can exceptional, unique and special dishes be made. In order to enjoy the incredible sensations arising from the taste of such natural products, we must not forget that to grow they need special care and attention, special, different from plant to plant and from animal to animal, which only those who have the right amount of experience and passion can offer. Our history as growers and breeders, spanning more than 30 years, allows us today to be able to offer products of the highest quality. The continuous updates and the constant search for everything that can improve our work, without distorting the quality of the products we treat, guarantee that, relying on us, receive a highly professional service. For this reason, we offer you the products made in our farm in Arzachena, cultivated with love and passion. We founded the relationship that binds us to the nature that surrounds us, in a simple, direct way, based on the most important rule, namely that if we take care of our plants and animals with love, they will thank us with precious and tasty gifts, which we can eat in peace, with joy for the palate and safety for health. A simple concept but on which our entire company rests. In our fields we especially work vegetables in greenhouses and we raise both cattle and pigs, so as to be able to provide our Agriturismo San Giovanni, products of the highest quality, varied and fresh, for the preparation of unique and unforgettable dishes, inspired by the Sardinian culinary tradition, made by the expert and wise hands of qualified chefs. We are waiting for you on our land to touch the naturalness of our processes. We will also be happy to tell you everything that is hidden behind the taste and flavor that you can taste in our products. We are absolutely sure that you will be pleasantly impressed by the care and hard work that all the workers of this ancient and humble farm in Arzachena put into the cultivation of the fields and the management of the breeding. Because only by respecting nature, we can enjoy its natural and tasty fruits.

Agriturismo San Giovanni

Via Stazzi Spridda 16
Località San Giovanni
07026 Olbia (SS)

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