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Agriturismo San Giovanni di Arzachena

The farmhouse

Our farmhouse in Arzachena is the ideal place to spend your holidays. In the Agriturismo San Giovanni you will find good food, a wonderful panorama, welcoming rooms and staff, both dedicated to hospitality and in the kitchens, highly qualified. These are the basic ingredients to allow you to spend a different, quality and relaxing stay

Agriturismo San Giovanni di Arzachena

The rooms

Deciding to stay in our wonderful farm, you will have the opportunity to rest in the charming rooms prepared specifically for you to allow you to spend a relaxing and unforgettable stay during your holiday. You will have at your disposal what in all respects is a real Bed and Breakfast in our farmhouse in Arzachena.

Agriturismo San Giovanni di Arzachena


We offer you the products made in our farm produced with love and passion. We founded the relationship that binds us to the nature that surrounds us, in a simple, direct way, based on the most important rule, that is that if we take care of our plants and animals with love, they will thank us with precious and tasty gifts to share.

Farmhouse and agritourism in Arzachena!

Your trusted farmhouse

In our farmhouse in Arzachena, you will have at your disposal one of the most beautiful and characteristic not only of Sardinia but also of all Italy, managing to offer enchanting and unforgettable landscape frames, known and appreciated all over the world. However, you will have the opportunity to walk inside the wonderful and verdant Mediterranean scrub or to relax on the relaxing and enchanting beaches of the Costa Smeralda. A place where nature and tranquility reign, and therefore easy to reach, which will give you a wonderful experience, composed of rewarding landscapes and natural products. Hospitality, enchanting landscapes and good food are the fundamental ingredients that our Agriturismo San Giovanni offers its customers, taking care of and caring for their well-being.

Farmhouse and agritourism in Arzachena!

In the Agriturismo San Giovanni you will find only natural and quality products, just like in the fruit and vegetable company to which it is linked, which carries on its activity with respect for the land, the plants and animals it grows and breeds, the people who are looking for a different, healthy and tasty diet. You will thus have at your disposal all natural crops made in greenhouses, cultivated lovingly to give the dishes the freshness of unique vegetables and fruits, combined with the flavor and taste of meat from well-kept and followed farms. A combination that will delight you with the dishes prepared by our expert cuisine. You will thus have at your disposal the numerous gastronomic specialties prepared by our chefs, directly in our restaurant. Dishes strongly linked to our local culinary tradition, made exclusively with selected raw materials. A unique and unforgettable journey into the tastes and flavors of Sardinian cuisine.

Agriturismo San Giovanni di Arzachenai

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Agriturismo San Giovanni
Via Stazzi Spridda 16 Località San Giovanni
07026 Olbia (SS)
Sardinia – Italy

piero lullo
piero lullo
… zuppa gallurese riscaldata, maialino troppo grosso….si può migliorare…
Diana Solinas
Diana Solinas
Siamo state benissimo con le mie colleghe , ottimo tutto, servizio eccellente. Da ripetere
Frank O'Brien
Frank O’Brien
C’è poco da dire……andateci e basta!!! Non ve ne pentirete, ho mangiato a scoppiare, i prezzi sono a portata di tasca che Cracco spostati e levati dai….🤐🤐😆😆 Dall’antipasto, primi e 🐗🐷fino al dolce caffè e ammazzacaffè, servizio veloce e cortese, non so se in alta stagione è la stessa cosa. Ma se ritorno in Sardegna di sicuro ci ripasso. Meglio di Alberobello (vedasi una mia recensione) dove mi hanno fatto pagare a fine pranzo 2 caffè a 2€ l’uno….. neanche offerto ed ho pagato tanto e mangiato poco. E gli ho scritto che da noi nel Salento te lo OFFRONO….. Ringrazio veramente 👏👏💯 Purtroppo le foto mancano perché non si faceva in tempo a scattarle che finiva tutto 😆😆😆
Matteo Damore
Matteo Damore
Ottima cucina personale simpatico luogo accogliente molto familiare
Gianfranco Deiana
Gianfranco Deiana
locale molto ampio. pietanze abbondanti personale molto gentile…prezzi onesti …continuate così…buon lavoro
mauro guddelmoni
mauro guddelmoni
Tutto buono e molto accogliente i proprietari molto attenti al cliente

Farm Holidays San Giovanni

Via Stazzi Spridda 16
Località San Giovanni
07026 Olbia (SS) - Italy



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