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Nature knows how to offer to those who open their hearts, beautiful and enchanting landscapes, which are indelibly imprinted in the memory and soul. Smells and flavors are available, riches that are impossible to replicate and that express their full potential only when they are savored and enjoyed on the spot, when views and flavors mix in a union that recharges and heals both the mind and the spirit. This is why, driven by these pre-supports and in love with the beauty of their beloved Sardinia, with the wonderful views of the Costa Smeralda, the Agriturismo San Giovanni in Arzachena, has decided to open its doors to all those who were looking for a place where rest and taste come together to give an inimitable stay experience. A place where nature and tranquility reign, easy to reach, which will give you a wonderful experience, composed of rewarding landscapes and natural products. Hospitality, enchanting landscapes and good food are the fundamental ingredients that our Agriturismo San Giovanni offers its customers, taking care of and caring for their well-being.

In the Agriturismo San Giovanni in Arzachena you will find only natural and quality products, just like in the fruit and vegetable company to which it is linked, which carries on its activity with respect for the land, the plants and animals it grows and breeds, the people who are looking for a different, healthy and tasty diet. Foods grown with care and passion that will satisfy your palate and meat bred with care and love for animals, to offer raw materials of the highest quality. All this is driven by a passion that has been handed down from father to son for more than 30 years, with together the most beautiful legacy: the love for the land and nature and the experience and knowledge to be able to work alongside it.
A family management that brings inside all the humility and warmth typical of this type of company, which also manages the farm with a unique welcoming spirit, together with simplicity and courtesy in services, making it a special place, between the Sardinian nature and the comfort of a properly equipped structure. You will thus have at your disposal all natural crops made in greenhouses, cultivated lovingly to give the dishes the freshness of unique vegetables and fruits, combined with the flavor and taste of meat from well-kept and followed farms. A combination that will delight you with the dishes prepared by our expert cuisine. You will thus have at your disposal the numerous gastronomic specialties prepared by our chefs, directly in our restaurant. Dishes strongly linked to our local culinary tradition, made exclusively with selected raw materials, found either from our crops and farms, or from other farms in the surroundings, chosen with care and attention for the care and love with which they produce. A unique and unforgettable journey into the tastes and flavors of Sardinian cuisine.

The area around the Agriturismo San Giovanni in Arzachena is one of the most beautiful and characteristic not only of Sardinia but also of all Italy, managing to offer enchanting and unforgettable landscape frames, known and appreciated all over the world. You will have the opportunity to walk inside the wonderful and verdant Mediterranean scrub or to relax on the relaxing and enchanting beaches of the Costa Smeralda, making your stay with us truly unique, thanks to these unique and breathtaking natural attractions

The quality of the products offered, the enchanting beauty of the place and the easy to reach location, make this farm a perfect place for those who want a stay out of the chaos and confusion of the city, looking for a truly restful place.

We will be at your disposal with our highly qualified staff, carefully selected on the basis of the experience gained, the passion for their work and the courtesy and attention with which they relate to our customers. In this way you will have the certainty of living a unique experience, in a world surrounded by nature, which will be able to recharge both the mind and the body. An experience of this type can only be lived in the Agriturismo San Giovanni in Arzachena.

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Agriturismo San Giovanni

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