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Nature is a beautiful and wonderful journey to experience. Places to see, experiences to try, memories to create. The opportunities are many and varied, especially in a wonderful territory like that of Sardinia, which makes available to those who want to live it, numerous ideas and opportunities. At the same time, however, nature requires a lot of energy to be experienced in its entirety. At the end of the day, therefore, after having followed our desires and having experienced the territory in the best way, making up for the needs and desires that each of us carries inside when we live a period of relaxation, it is necessary to have the certainty of being able to return to a welcoming, familiar place, which gives us the opportunity to rest the body, despite the fact that the mind has benefited numerously during the path undertaken. For this reason the Agriturismo San Giovanni offers its customers some rooms with the Formula Bed and Breakfast in Arzachena. In this way, you can fully enjoy the surrounding landscape with all its proposals, the typical Sardinian hospitality, our splendid, inimitable and enviable sea with its relaxing beaches and all the culinary specialties of our rich tradition. Deciding to stay in our wonderful farm, you will have the opportunity to rest in the charming rooms prepared especially for you. Special rooms, designed to provide you with maximum comfort even if you are immersed in the surrounding nature, so you can benefit from the tranquility that only these areas possess, combined with all the modern and current benefits. You will have at your disposal what in all respects is a real Bed and Breakfast in Arzachena, surrounded by greenery and nature, allowing you to live the rural experience in maximum freedom of action and movement. To our customers, in the beautiful setting of the typical Sardinian countryside, we offer room services with breakfast, both in double and single rooms, all equally welcoming. In this way, even if you are perhaps very far from home, in a reality that is not exactly yours, you can still benefit from the warmth and familiarity that you thought you could only find at home. All this we think is a fundamental prerequisite to be able to better enjoy your holiday period. All our services are at your disposal both for long and short periods of stay. So you can enjoy all this beauty even just for a weekend, looking for a relaxing and pleasant place, where you can recharge, despite the short period available. The service offered also includes the rich breakfast in the morning, made by our chefs with always fresh and genuine ingredients, carefully selected by farms in the area, chosen on the basis of the quality of the products offered and the work they do on their land, or coming directly from our farm, which with love and passion provides us with numerous raw materials of the highest quality and taste. So you can start every day with a rich breakfast consisting of local products, always fresh in season, prepared according to the availability that nature offers us. The best way to launch yourself full of energy in the day that opens in front of us, ready to live it in the best way. Because the splendid setting of the Mediterranean scrub will be at your disposal, offering you numerous possibilities of choice for how to live your holiday, turning to discover new places or relaxing after a day in the crystal clear sea, just a few kilometers from our structure. You can take advantage of all our services both in the summer and during the Christmas and Easter holidays. All our staff, highly qualified, will be at your service to allow you to spend the best possible stay, helping you to realize the hopes of relaxation and fun that you always bring when you leave for a trip. All the staff is carefully selected on the basis of the experience gained in the sector, the passion with which it applies to work and courtesy in relating to each customer. All these elements will guarantee you to spend a delightful stay in the Agriturismo San Giovanni with Bed and Breakfast service in Arzachena

Agriturismo San Giovanni di Arzachena
Agriturismo San Giovanni di Arzachena
Agriturismo San Giovanni di Arzachena

Agriturismo San Giovanni

Via Stazzi Spridda 16
Località San Giovanni
07026 Olbia (SS)

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