The Farmhouse

Our farmhouse in Arzachena is the ideal place to spend your holidays. The area around the Agriturismo San Giovanni will certainly be able to amaze and enchant you, as one of the most beautiful and characteristic not only of Sardinia but also of all Italy. You will have at your disposal wonderful landscapes, enchanting and unforgettable, already known and appreciated all over the world, which will be able to make you live unique, relaxing and enchanting experiences, helping you to create beautiful memories. You will have the opportunity to walk inside the wonderful and verdant Mediterranean scrub or to relax on the relaxing and enchanting beaches of the Costa Smeralda, making your stay with us truly unique, thanks to these unique and breathtaking natural attractions. In our farm you will have at your disposal unique and natural products, coming directly from our farm that, with 30 years of experience and knowledge on its shoulders, produces especially vegetables in greenhouses and breeds cattle and pigs, respecting the land and the environment to produce food of the highest quality, healthy and natural. Other products are selected by other companies in the area, chosen on the basis of the presence or absence of our same values with regard to work, the respect they have for nature and for the quality and freshness of the food offered. Every day, all these raw materials of the highest quality arrive in our kitchens, where our highly qualified chefs, with great experience and passion, transform into great dishes of our Sardinian tradition, at your disposal in our restaurant. To make these delicious dishes, all the ancient recipes handed down from the past are scrupulously followed, so as to be able to offer you appetizing local dishes and succulent meat specialties, including the inevitable and inimitable Sardinian “Porcetto”, cooked with skill and ready to be tasted. Our restaurant rooms are at your disposal for your meals during your stay here with us, but also to be able to celebrate and organize all your important occasions, for any kind of party or celebratory banquets. In this delightful setting, completely at your disposal, you can enjoy a relaxing, recharging stay, enjoying the restaurante strength of nature without sacrificing well-being and comfort, our main goal towards all our customers. If you want to have a preview of what awaits you in our farm in Arzachena, here is a video made by the broadcast “Sardegna Verde”, starring our structure. All the quality of the food products that we put at your disposal, combined with the enchanting beauty of the place where we are and a geographical position easy to reach and a few kilometers from the beach of the Costa Smeralda, make the Agriturismo San Giovanni the perfect structure for those who want a stay out of the chaos and confusion of the city, for those who are looking for a truly restful place where they can disconnect from everyday life and spend a quality and different holiday period. We are at your disposal with our highly qualified staff, carefully selected on the basis of the experience gained, the passion for their work and the courtesy and attention with which they relate to our customers. In this way you will have the certainty of living a unique experience, in a world surrounded by nature, which will be able to recharge both the mind and the body. An experience of this type can only be lived in the Agriturismo San Giovanni.

Agriturismo San Giovanni

Via Stazzi Spridda 16
Località San Giovanni
07026 Olbia (SS)

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